Food for thought

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For the past few years our newspapers and news channels have been filled with articles and programs about exploiting nature.
Existence of human is a nothing but destruction to nature. As long as human race exists and expands destruction of nature still continues. There are no metals unless we dig earth; there are no granites unless we break mountains. Townships and new cities are built by cutting down trees. Worst of all is our ruthless usage of the elixir of life –water. We have built our existence by cruelly domesticating nature, changing the course of the river by constructing dams. Or it could be as simple as milking a cow and denying its calf to have the right. Our daily life spins around damaging nature. Time and again nature tries to threaten us by means of Tsunami or earthquakes. Technology has advanced in such a rapid phase that we tend to suppress the warning phenomenon exhibited by nature. But as time goes by, we forget to learn the lesson taught by nature. Nevertheless it has cost us dear. And all this for our growth! Our growth demands exploitation of nature. We live in an age where our country’s growth demands the quantity of iron ore exported, the amount of granites sold or the number of newly built townships. In order to withstand in the race of so called development, advancement call it whatever, we tend to neglect nature.
Is destruction of nature the only way to grow? Who defines “growth“? Can growth be only material? Can we shift the focus from material growth to a much stronger growth –the emotional growth – a growth that will make us more benevolent and kind, and less anxious? It is time to revisit our basics; at least our children can be benefited.


Be the change

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With Indian Independence Day round the corner, I would like to illustrate Mahatma Gandhi’s famous quote: “Be the change you want to see in the world” with a simple example

In a village, there lived an old man who was looking back into his life. He sat in a tea shop with his friends, telling them his story:

“When I was young I was arrogant, I felt that I could do it all and wanted to change the world and so I prayed to the almighty to give me strength to change everyone. When I reached middle age I woke up one morning and I realized that my life was half over and then I prayed to god to give me strength to change the ones around me as they needed it.
But now I am old and my prayer is very simple, ‘Lord, please give me strength to change myself’ “

Moral: If you try to change others without changing your own attitudes, it will not have any effect. Change yourself; the world around you will change


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I am not here to write something new, this is a situation that most of us have faced. It is a recurring one.
It is about making decisions. To make a decision is not simple. That too when it comes to a person like me, who is very doubtful in almost everything.
It was almost a Hobson’s choice . At that moment all I knew was that, that was my only resort.
But even before living my decision I am surrounded by a bunch of back seat drivers. Why can’t I have someone pat my back and say that there is no end for decisions? Why can’t my decision take me to a better path?
Why can’t I be guided to a better path with my decision?
I know it’s all up to me to consider these influences. Filled with negativity around, I am finding to hard to step into my decision. I have been affected with the vibrations around.
But I know that if our life was to be lived with other’s experience as role model, then we would be living a dead man’s life.
I am in search for a messiah, to come and shout out for me:

“Leap and the net will appear.”

Going forward

•June 16, 2010 • 1 Comment

Last week i felt weird (may be because I turned 24 !!) jokes apart it was my birthday on the 11th, and my friends here at chennai threw a surprise party. Usually it is the previous night where the hungama begins, but my folks had planed for the 11th night. They picked me from work, we drove to besant nagar beach and cut a huge cake at 11:58 pm. Everything happened in a jiffy, it is so typical of my gang.

I am not really into making New Year resolutions and things like that, but my birthday, I relive the year that has gone by, and think about what I can do to make the next year better.

And this year, I want to…

1. Exercise and get fit.

2. Stop being disapproving and dogmatic.

3. Give myself a makeover and even looking at myself in the mirror makes me yaaaawn.

4. To complete certifications. I know this is an over-ambitious target, but its like you know the typical aim for the stars, you shall reach the terrace

5. Figure out what I want out of my career, think hard and decide what direction and shape I want it to take. I want to make my choice, and be at peace with it.

6. I want to stop letting others affect me, and the choices I make.

7. Learn to play a new instrument

8. To try out something magnificent.

Comrades… wish me luck!!!


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All I want to do is to catch a falling star
And hold it in my pocket
All I want to do is to snatch away the moon
And hide it in a secret place
All I want to do is to seize the blowing wind
And save it for tomorrow
All I want to do is to collect the tiny raindrops
And to drink it later on
All I want to do is to grab the lighting in my fist
And to use it as my torch
All I want to do is to grasp the ebbing tides
And swim across the ocean
All I want to do is take away her wings
And fly away into the open blue sky

My deepest fear

•May 6, 2010 • 1 Comment

My deepest fear is that I am powerful
Powerful beyond my imaginations
My deepest fear is my beliefs
Beliefs that could wreck our society
My deepest fear is my freewill
Freewill which gives me the power
My deepest fear is my independence
Independence to choose my destiny
My deepest fear is my freedom
Freedom that inspires me to liberate
My deepest fear is my very own existence

On her..

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Vastness of nature is all around our sight
Like the butterflies fluttering in the bright sunlight
Wonders of nature is a magical thing
All that we have is only her to cling

Our existence might come to cease
Without, the presence of blossoming trees.
Beauty of nature never ceases to inspire
Talking her praises none could ever tire

Truly immortal she is, with time
Living in harmony is an opportunity in lifetime
To protect her is a real test
For she is our harmless nest