Mile sur to Phir be mile sur…

I vaguely remember my first encounter with Mile sur it was around early 90’s I was barely 7 years old. I used to listen to it as I could enjoy its tune. Later when I started to understand slowly the patriotic feeling it induced this song took a totally different shape. There were instances when the patriotism in me overwhelms with the tone of this beautifully composed piece of music. Those were the days of doordarshan and this was played frequently. As time passed by, and as many satellite channels shot up doordarshan started to loose its popularity. Yet, whenever I come across Mile sur always made it a point to listen and the nationalism it brought in me was immense.

On Jan 26th 2010 for the 60th republic day, newer version of Mile Sur called Phir Mile Sur was unveiled by a Bollywood bigshot . This new version not only fails to show ‘unity in variety’ of India but prompts totally wrong message. There is no historic monument, no Indian Classical dance, no classical instruments, not all languages, no scenic/historic location. This is like a cheap version made up by some amateur, ignorant artists. New version totally lacks spirit, culture and values of India.

My imperfect observation:
• Time has never been of quintessence. And that population has increased in the last 22 years, enough to turn a 6 min feature to 16 min 30 second long.
• Novelty does not mean that we should forget there are other people than those in bollywood. This is more like an insult to the people in other fields.

I wouldn’t be surprised if my next generation blogs about J Lo’s title track for phir be mile sur


~ by priyaneelam on February 18, 2010.

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