Dark Day

It’s one of those dark days, when the skies are heavy and you wait for that gentle light to make a way into.
A day when the space cannot hear you, the air is loaded with cries and moans and cannot carry your songs.
When your dreams drop down like a bird shot by a heartless hunter.
Hours of darkness, will not give notice to your secret.
It was just yesterday you felt like a strong tree whose roots cannot be uprooted, but now it is like the roots have been sucked out of ground.
You no longer feel those wings which carried you from the pits of valleys to tops of the mountains.
You really cannot hate things around because at some point yesterday you loved them.
An unknown phantom haunts your sleepless soul.
We all wait for the dawn to come with a raging tempest carrying the fragrance of hope and love and the light of heaven to shine through your darkness.


~ by priyaneelam on March 30, 2010.

One Response to “Dark Day”

  1. What hapnd to u?

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