I am not here to write something new, this is a situation that most of us have faced. It is a recurring one.
It is about making decisions. To make a decision is not simple. That too when it comes to a person like me, who is very doubtful in almost everything.
It was almost a Hobson’s choice . At that moment all I knew was that, that was my only resort.
But even before living my decision I am surrounded by a bunch of back seat drivers. Why can’t I have someone pat my back and say that there is no end for decisions? Why can’t my decision take me to a better path?
Why can’t I be guided to a better path with my decision?
I know it’s all up to me to consider these influences. Filled with negativity around, I am finding to hard to step into my decision. I have been affected with the vibrations around.
But I know that if our life was to be lived with other’s experience as role model, then we would be living a dead man’s life.
I am in search for a messiah, to come and shout out for me:

“Leap and the net will appear.”


~ by priyaneelam on July 22, 2010.

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