Dark Day

•March 30, 2010 • 1 Comment

It’s one of those dark days, when the skies are heavy and you wait for that gentle light to make a way into.
A day when the space cannot hear you, the air is loaded with cries and moans and cannot carry your songs.
When your dreams drop down like a bird shot by a heartless hunter.
Hours of darkness, will not give notice to your secret.
It was just yesterday you felt like a strong tree whose roots cannot be uprooted, but now it is like the roots have been sucked out of ground.
You no longer feel those wings which carried you from the pits of valleys to tops of the mountains.
You really cannot hate things around because at some point yesterday you loved them.
An unknown phantom haunts your sleepless soul.
We all wait for the dawn to come with a raging tempest carrying the fragrance of hope and love and the light of heaven to shine through your darkness.



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Lone in the deep wild woods
Spirits of Truth are the birds that sing

Lone in the dark blue night
Spirits of Love are the stars that glowed

Lone in the giant tall mountains
Spirits of Peace are the streams that flowed

Lone in the large wide deserts
Spirits of Hope are that ray of light

Lone in the deep blue sea
Spirits of Freedom are that smell of fresh air

Lone in the course of struggle
Sprits of Success are our loved ones

Lone here, Spirit of Trust, is you, clasping me tight.

Mile sur to Phir be mile sur…

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I vaguely remember my first encounter with Mile sur it was around early 90’s I was barely 7 years old. I used to listen to it as I could enjoy its tune. Later when I started to understand slowly the patriotic feeling it induced this song took a totally different shape. There were instances when the patriotism in me overwhelms with the tone of this beautifully composed piece of music. Those were the days of doordarshan and this was played frequently. As time passed by, and as many satellite channels shot up doordarshan started to loose its popularity. Yet, whenever I come across Mile sur always made it a point to listen and the nationalism it brought in me was immense.

On Jan 26th 2010 for the 60th republic day, newer version of Mile Sur called Phir Mile Sur was unveiled by a Bollywood bigshot . This new version not only fails to show ‘unity in variety’ of India but prompts totally wrong message. There is no historic monument, no Indian Classical dance, no classical instruments, not all languages, no scenic/historic location. This is like a cheap version made up by some amateur, ignorant artists. New version totally lacks spirit, culture and values of India.

My imperfect observation:
• Time has never been of quintessence. And that population has increased in the last 22 years, enough to turn a 6 min feature to 16 min 30 second long.
• Novelty does not mean that we should forget there are other people than those in bollywood. This is more like an insult to the people in other fields.

I wouldn’t be surprised if my next generation blogs about J Lo’s title track for phir be mile sur


•February 18, 2010 • 1 Comment

Love, seems to be having a trillion definitions. Love is a mystery yet to be solved, when understood, you understand almost everything around u…Love is born with you. As a child grows so are his notions about love. It is undeveloped as everything else is. Society bridges this gap.

Everyone has been told in thousand and one ways that love is eternal. If you are in love with something and later you don feel the same that means you have never loved.
This becomes treacherous as this gives you an idea of everything is permanent
As nothing is permanent so is love, his primary becomes permanence and not love.
The fact that you loved someone diminishes and your life revolves around permanence

Life is neither static nor permanent. Real love is as uncertain as life. You don know what’s it has for you the next moment. Your life is changing from a newborn to old age and death and continues. So is love. Love is continuously shifting and moving.
It is possible that if you are enlightened your love can go beyond ordinary rules. Neither changing nor permanent, it is the way it is. You become love itself, what you do is love. There is nothing to done specifically, loves pours through your actions.
Before enlightment love is going to be the same as everything else. It will transform.

May be….

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May be you are right
I ought to share
I am not ready for a fight
Need to pass on my heir

May be you are fair
If I go for a compromise
Do they know that I care?
Should I be in disguise?

May be you are sad
Wish they know my pain
Hope now all are glad
And knew, I want each to be sane

One hundred years and more…

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One hundred years, and my search continues
Colors and chattels are no longer bright
There you are, a thousand miles away
Alone in the light of a magical wood I strive
One million dreams spring up
Clouds besiege me from seeing you
A billion stars gather round the silver moon
No one is aware that now I know my skies
It might even take a lifetime to get to you
Yet,that doesn’t stop me wishing from a shooting star


•December 2, 2009 • 1 Comment

I am dedicating this piece to my roommate. I am going to address her as blaring radio. She never really liked me at the beginning well yes it was mutual. Wonder how we share the same room. It’s almost two years now. I am just walking you guys through my routine , when she is around there are two things to be noted

a) She is the one who does all the talking
b) And read (a) again.

So it goes likes this

She: athe innu officelu…..(blah blah blah)
Me: hmmm
She: innu ente vandi.. (blaah blaaah)
Me: oh..hmmmm..
She: ninaku aryiyo avide…. (blaaaaaah blaaaaaaaaaah)
Me: ah..mmmm

Her phone rings
(So I think may be I can start once she is done)

She: pinne …. (Blaaaaaaaah blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah) Well I am wrong
She works for a bank; never the less I know all about mutual fund, investment, and all the gobbledygook she gives her customers. She can’t go to bed unless she sees the clock striking twelve; I am amidst my dreams at twelve. We hardly agree… if at all we do it might be because we don’t have an option.

I strongly believe that there is truly some paranormal substance which binds us!