On my way…

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Phew…It’s been a while since I have posted, still analyzing as to what stopped me. Let’s keep that aside, for now…

I was at home a couple of weeks ago; I had lived there for twenty odd years and now all that I do is to stopover (Taking to consideration that I work in a different city… blah blah). A weird thought that the stuff which meant a lot to me no longer bears same sensation. A cloud of nostalgia covers over and again. Sudden adrenaline rush when I think that it’s no more my dwelling. I sit and I look back I can still remember those intricate details. I close my eyes and I stand there incapable to connect. There had been days when all I wanted was to see myself let loose. Now, Goodbye home, feels so bizarre.
Ahead I can see that now all I have is independence in galore. This many a times has been a lot more deceptive than I had contemplated. I, now live with boundaries. My step needs to be measured. I know that this phase is succinct. Approaching my next signpost, I don’t know what’s in place for me…


Evening with a seventh grade!

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John Cena is the best!
Hey come on lets watch kid vs. kat
Now? It’s time for dragon balls.

Well all the above will start falling in place shortly. However, I had been pretty decent with numbers in school. So decided to help (I m using help not teach) kid in seventh grade who stays downstairs with his math.

It so happens I work round the clock so I help(again) him whenever I find time.

Its 5:45 pm

Me: Hey Anirudh, how was school today
Anirudh: Ya fine…
Me: Ok (not a good sign)…how about some TV? (Jus to make him fine)
Anirudh: YESSSS

Now it’s nearly 7 pm

Me: Anirudh…. Come on lets do a bit of math.
Anirudh: Please 5 mins
Me: Okay….
Anirudh: (a bright smile)
Me: Anirudh its 7 u got to come…
Anirudh: Okay!! (Groans)
Me: we starting with find the area
Anirudh: Oh that’s simple I know the formulae, Hey u know I finished Spiderman 2.
Me (puzzled): Spiderman 2 ?!!
Then he switches on his comp and shows me, its damn game… one guy in red and one in black jumping buildings and reaching targets…and everything looks so real, sky scrapers, vehicles, guns ( Trust me that’s the first time seeing a real time GUI game)

Me: Ok ok… Great! Now let’s see the area of square and rhombus
Anirudh: hmmm oh ya… (Looks at his text for 5 mins) hey I tilt my head and see it’s a rhombus not a square then why is that there are two formulae
Me: (DAMN that’s the whole point, I don have an explanation) somehow manage to explain square is a Square and Rhombus is a rhombus.
Anirudh: hmmm, hey check out my new games on PSP.
Me: (PSP ??! where is Google!!!)

Its 8 pm now, not bad I know to operate PSP .WOW!!!

9 pm: Somehow with great difficulty we solve 5 problems. Then out of no where I hear Akon’s – I wanna love you (I too had the same look) oh well from his phone….

All this from a seventh grade… I’ m flabbergasted.


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showI am here round the corner
Gaping at wide spread sky
Incapable of breathing
Incomplete, this is what I am.

I am tired of searching
May be its not worth trying
Darkness is upon my soul
Unfinished, this is what I am

I am in the middle of no where
Waiting to bury distress
Edgy for the unexplained to ensue
Inadequate, this is what I am

All that I want is you to guide me to
Traverse towards the complete
Desire to be the finished
Adequate in all means

About us

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its us
This is about us, in bedlam for eternity
We have our own definition for infinity
Our friendship was a misfortune
Never missed a luncheon

This is about us, saw each other for years
Parted sorrowfully with tears
Spent months on our project
Now find it hard to remember the subject

This is about us, never understood when near
But rejoicing the nostalgia being far
Crave for each other’s shoulder
Is as big as a boulder

This is about me, a bad attempt for a sonnet
I know you guys are looking for a bullet
Miss every bit of our fun
And, Oh yeah our cream bun!!!

Let you go…

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82286-mysterious-road-in-the-woods-near-city-of-kosice-in-a-resort-called-jahodna-jahodna-slovakiaUninvited you walked into my life, a stranger with your arms wide open towards me.
Unforeseen, happiness was felt in every form in your presence
You knew the art of stealing my secrets away.
I look across the sky staring at the sunset unable to define our bond.
You may be a millions of miles away from me, but I can still hear you aloud.
The words you speak may not be heard by the ones around you.
I know you speak to me silence only for me to listen.
Reasons to stay far away from me could be thousands;
Here I yearn to know just one. Yet, I am trying hard, life still goes on.
Unknowingly I let you slip out of my hands may be for good, may be not.
I dare you, not to come back to me , for I may not be able to let you go again…

This too shall pass…

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ocean-waveAlone I stand as I witness waves of my life been crushed down and my soul struggling to float. Turbulence of the ocean showed no mercy on me. I feel that I might be swallowed by the mighty waves.
Struggling gets harder and harder. The urge to give up the fight and allow myself to rest in the sea bed was inevitable. May be this is it…
But Alas, I have a blurred vision of an arm coming towards me. All I had to was to just hold. Unable to do it I twist and toss in despair. Gathering up all my courage I give one last try, incredibly the grip becomes stronger.
I see myself on the shore, and can observe the ocean transcending to tranquility. I have been waiting all this while for this to happen. But, strangely somewhere deep down in my heart I know that this too shall pass…

This is how i learnt faith…

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2256907161_3a843a2296Flower looks at man and says:

Though you live for nearly 100 years you are born with a whimper
I tend to live only for few hours; I am born with a fragrance and bring a smile in other’s face.
Look at me and learn to live with faith.